What is a pdf document ?

PDF is the name of a very practical document format ; it can be downloaded quickly and read on almost any electronic device.

Usually your computer will already have some kind of pdf reading software installed and will open the file automatically. If it’s not the case you can download Acrobat Reader and easily install it yourself. It is the most popular and reliable pdf software available because it is developed directly by Adobe, the firm that creted this format. It is completely free.

What is a pdf sewing pattern ?

Contrarly to paper versions where the whole pattern is included on one sheet, the pdf pattern is an electronic document where the pattern is divided across several A4 size pages (an A0 version is also included). Once you have downloaded it, you can print it, cut it out and assemble it with the help of the assembly layout.

After these steps you can cut out your pattern to your size as usual.

How do I print Anne bO patterns ?

Anne bO patterns are available in two versions : A4 format and A0.

The A0 version can be printed in a print shop. It has the advantage of presenting the pattern on one or two large sheets, like traditional patterns.

The A4 version can be printed at home with a common printer. There is no special setting ; just make sure the printing is in “full size” or 100% scale. A 5cm x 5cm test square is drawn on the pattern to check if your prints have the right dimensions. Furthermore, an overview of the assembly is included at the beginning of each pattern to help position the pages correctly.

Watch this step by step video for a more detailed explanation (english subtitles) :

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