bOrnéo vest

bOrnéo is a short kimono vest rounded on the sides. The sleeves are curved and the ends are folded down. It can be worn with or without a belt; you can sew one of the proposed belts or use a coarse grain.
Depending on the chosen fabric you will get a light blouse with its matching long belt or a vest with its topstitched belt.

– Long folded bat-wing sleeves
– Short cut rounded on the sides
– Lined and unlined versions
– Long belt that doubles around the waist or large topstitched belt
– Collar finish with facings or bias (unlined version)
– Beginner to intermediate sewing level depending on version

pdf sewing pattern sizes 34 to 50.

Available for download as soon as order is confirmed.
A4 format pages for easy printing at home. A0 format also included.
Pattern pieces do not overlap allowing easier cutting .
Seam allowance included.
Guidebook in English and French included.



Anne bO patterns are designed for an average build (1.68-1.72 m = 5.5-5.6 ft)  
Size (EU/US) 34/04 36/06 38/08 40/10 42/12 44/14 46/16 48/18 50/20
Chest size 80 84 88 92 96 101 106 112 118
Waist size 64 66 70 74 78 83 88 94 100
Hip size 87 90 94 98 102 107 112 118 124
Size guide in cm


– Fabric
vest version : Jacquard, wool, denim, linen.
blouse version : cotton net, double gauze.

– Matching spool of thread.

-Tape interfacing (fusible) with a width identical to the bias.

– Interfacing (fusible) :
unlined version : 70 cm x 70 cm
lined version : 70 cm x 110 cm

Fabric measurements :
Version A = unlined
Version B = lined

Version Finition Fabric
width (cm)
EU 34
US 4
EU 36
US 6
EU 38
US 8
EU 40
US 10
EU 42
US 12
EU 44
US 14
EU 46
US 16
EU 48
US 18
EU 50
US 20
A without yokes 110 2.15m 2.20m 2.25m 2.30m 2.30m 2.35m 2.45m 2.55m 2.55m
A without yokes 140 1.90m 1.90m 1.90m 1.90m 1.95m 2.10m 2.10m 2.10m 2.15m
A with yokes 110 2.10m 2.10m 2.20m 2.20m 2.25m 2.30m 2.30m 2.50m 2.50m
A with yokes 140 1.90m 1.90m 1.90m 1.95m 2.00m 2.10m 2.15m 2.15m 2.20m
A bias finish 140 1.80m 1.80m 1.85m 1.85m 1.85m 1.95m 2.00m 2.00m 2.10m
A bias finish 110 2.05m 2.05m 2.10m 2.10m 2.10m 2.15m 2.20m 2.20m 2.30m
A bias 4cm wide 1.46m 1.48m 1.51m 1.54m 1.57m 1.60m 1.63m 1.66m 1.70m
B lining 110 1.70m 1.70m 1.70m 1.80m 1.80m 1.85m 1.85m 1.90m 1.90m
B lining 140 1.25m 1.25m 1.40m 1.50m 1.50m 1.55m 1.65m 1.70m 1.70m
B without yokes 110 2.10m 2.10m 2.15m 2.25m 2.35m 2.40m 2.40m 2.45m 2.60m
B without yokes 140 1.95m 1.95m 2.00m 2.10m 2.10m 2.20m 2.20m 2.25m 2.25m
B with yokes 110 2.35m 2.35m 2.40m 2.40m 2.45m 2.55m 2.55m 2.55m 2.55m
B with yokes 140 1.90m 1.90m 1.95m 2.00m 2.05m 2.15m 2.15m 2.15m 2.15m
Long belt 140 0.50m 0.50m 0.50m 0.50m 0.50m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m
Long belt 110 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m 1.00m
Topstitched belt 140 0.35m 0.35m 0.35m 0.35m 0.35m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m
Topstitched belt 110 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m 0.70m
Fabric measurements