This is it !
Pdf sewing pattern

This is it ! After several months of preparation, website development, photos, learning new software and designing, the website finaly sees the day.

How exciting !

But I would have never made it without the people around me that encouraged me at every step or in my moments of doubt ; friends who like my creations or even this unknown woman in the streets of Paris last summer who asked me where I bought my dress.

This adventure is also fueled by my desire to share all my pattern ideas with you. And I have a lot of projects I am eager to share but they take a considerable amount of time to finalize ! At the beginning, the frequency of available new patterns will probably not be as high as I would like it to be but I hope to be able to speed up the process progressively.

I’ll begin with two patterns : bOrnéo kimono vest and bOhème skirt.

bOrnéo vest : why, you might ask. Well first of all, it’s the first piece I wanted to find in Manila. A small vest, easy to wear and easy to match with almost anything. Furthermore this pattern is accessible to beginners in its unlined version. Lastly, depending on the fabric used, it can become a blouse. At the beginning, I hadn’t designed a belt for this pattern and I planned on using one of my existing ones. Then when I sewed it with cotton net, I thought it would be nice to have a long belt that would double around the waist. And once I had finished designing the pattern, the idea of another quilted and shorter belt for the vest version came up. So the final version has two belts to choose from.

Now the idea of the bOhème skirt came when I was reflecting on how difficult it could sometimes be to wear wrap skirts. Indeed, you have to be well proportioned – chest, hips and waist – for this type of dress to flatter the figure. Not that easy ! So I thought to myself that it would be nice to have this long bohemian style wrap skirt to match with a top made of the same fabric. You would have the possibility of visually recreating a dress effect by playing around with different sizes for the top and the skirt. You guessed right ; the next pattern will be the matching top piece for the skirt.

Once I have completed my order, what downloads will be available ?

Un guidebook that I tried to make as comprehensive as possible. I put myself in the shoes of a beginner with little sewing experience tackling one of her/his first projects. So I’ve included as many explanations as possible :

A few little tips before starting regarding the cutting technique as well as the fabric.

A glossary of sewing terms used.

Illustrated explanations of the sewing techniques that you will need.

For the more experienced among you, these might not prove as useful but there are a few bonuses included :

In addition to the pattern, you will find organization cards and creation sheets.

A sewing recap sheet allowing you to remember each sewing project in detail. It will be much easier when you sew this pattern a second time.

A « moodboard » : you start seeing them everywhere but you never really make one. This sheet will help you get started. Attach, paste, draw, glue all your ideas on one side and note down anything that could be of use in your project on the other. Take it with you when shopping ; it will help you choose the fabric and accessories. At the end, glue a picture of your finished piece.

A card/sheet to manage my fabric stock. This will help to keep track of the fabrics you already have. It will also avoid forgetting about these beautiful fabrics hidden in the back of your cupboard !

And finally, tags that you can staple, pin or tie on each piece of fabric.

As you may know, all of this is quite new to me so please do not hesitate to post or send your comments and suggestions.

Enjoy your visit !


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